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Calne & Calne Without Locally Valued Non-Designated Heritage Assets - Consultation Feedback

Updated: Jun 29

Consultation ran from July-October

“local listing provides a sound, consistent and accountable means of identifying local heritage assets to the benefit of good strategic planning for the area and to the benefit of owners and developers wishing to fully understand local development opportunities and constraints”

Historic England

Calne and Calne without is full of valuable heritage that contributes immensely to the sense of place and character of the area. There are over 300 listed buildings within the neighbourhood area. But what about those buildings that are of value locally but may not be recognised nationally? A local list can identify these and, in combination with NPPF and Neighbourhood Plan policy, they can be protected from harmful development.

In the first neighbourhood plan we recognised the importance of heritage within Calne and Calne Without with a policy that aims to protect our conservation areas and the heritage assets within them. For this plan review we are taking this a step further and will be producing a “local list” of locally valued non-designated heritage assets both within and outside the conservation areas and a plan policy to support the list. This will help to protect these assets and their setting against inconsiderate development.

As part of this process we have identified that houses designed and built in the “Bowood style” contribute significantly to the local character and have embarked on a parallel mission to get these houses identified and mapped.

To achieve this goal of creating a comprehensive list of heritage assets we asked you, the community, to identify heritage in Calne and Calne Without Parishes that is important to you by adding pins to our interactive map. After all, who knows Calne better than its residents?

We have had a great response to our interactive map and we now have 72 potential locally valued heritage assets which the group will now test against the criteria for designation ahead of informal consultation with owners of the buildings and structures that will inform the final list.

You can see the map of nominations at the link here.

JUNE 2023 UPDATE! Following the owner consultation, we've put together Q&As on this topic for owners. Click here to read.

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