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Neighbourhood Planning gives communities real power to create a shared vision and guide future development for their areas.


This is a website for the

Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan.

Our Neighbourhood Plan sets the

local planning policy for

Calne Town and Calne Without Parish

A Neighbourhood Plan is a way for communities to have a say in the future of the places where they live and work. Such a plan has legal weight in guiding decisions about conservation, regeneration, and development in the local area. 


In 2018  the first Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan (referred to as CCNP) which was agreed by a community referendum in 2018 when 93.1% of those who voted said ‘YES’ to the Plan. This Plan looked ahead to 2026.

You can download the 2018 Plan by clicking here.

Much has happened since 2018, and it's important that the Plan stays up-to-date and relevant, so a refresh and review of the Neighbourhood Plan is underway, to look ahead to the next Plan period up to 2038.


CCNP 2 will help to shape planning decisions to better reflect local priorities looking ahead to 2038.

Find out more about the review process by clicking here.

The updating of the CCNP progressed to a stage known as pre-submission (Regulation 14) on a full draft of the second Plan.

This was held during February and March 2024.

Thanks to all those who responded.

The feedback received will be reviewed during April. Any changes required will be made before the Plan is submitted to Wiltshire Council for further consultation and examination.


Find out more by clicking here

rolling hills with monument in the distance
map of Calne and Calne Without
historic building in Calne
Castle Street
New development
Bridge over the River Marden
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