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Locally Valued Heritage Assets Designation: What it means for your property

Identifying local heritage assets is a way for local communities to celebrate the unique history that makes an area special. It is a collection of heritage assets that are not protected by law, like Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments.

Any local heritage asset included in the Neighbourhood Plan will become a 'material consideration' within the planning system, when any planning application is submitted to Wiltshire Council in connection with the asset. 


It does not remove any permitted development rights and therefore you will be able to carry out these works as before, without additional consent requirements over and above those already required for planning permission or Building Regulation approval. It does not change the legal status of the building and is not a Local Land Charge and will therefore not feature in any solicitors’ property searches. So - identifying a local heritage asset means that its significance as a 'non-designated' heritage asset will be taken into account where relevant by Wiltshire Council when considering a planning application.


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Summer 2023 Update: We are working on finalising list of Locally Valued Heritage Assets following owner consultation. A report will be shared that sets out the full list and justification when it is complete.


If you have any questions, pease contact us by emailing to leave your details and a member of the Neighbourhood Plan working group will get back to you as soon as possible. 


How will it protect our properties from impact from neighbouring development?
The no
n-designated Local Heritage assets will be taken into consideration by planning officers and Wiltshire Councillors in making decisions on any development proposals that would have an impact on the building and its setting. Consideration will be given to the
significance of the asset, its most distinctive features and the contribution it makes to the character of the local area.

How will it impact any Planning applications an owner wishes to make?
Unlike Listed buildings the designation provides no additional planning controls. If the owner makes a planning application to make changes to the property Wiltshire Council Officers will have regard to the Local Heritage Asset description alongside all other national and local policies in the decision
-making process.

Would it affect how we make repairs to our building?
Becoming a non-designated local heritage asset does not change an owner’s ability to carry o
ut repairs in whatever manner they wish. Alterations and extensions to the property that are covered by permitted development rights will also remain unaffected. For information
on what you can do without making a planning application please visit the Government website. For example windows and doors can be replaced in any material colour etc and sizes can be changed. External wall treatments and repairs can be made.


What impact will it have on selling the property?
Owners need to take professional advice from an Estate Agent as to the impact on selling a property. Owners should keep notification of any relevant planning information with their property details to pass on to new owners. 


Would people visiting Calne want to see our property, will we lose privacy?
Although non-designated Local Heritage Assets will be listed in a public document it will not be used for tourism purposes. Visitors are more likely to follow a Blue Plaque trail or look for Listed buildings of note.  

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