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Locally Valued Heritage Assets Designation: What it means for your property

Identifying local heritage assets is a way for local communities to celebrate the unique history that makes an area special. It is a collection of heritage assets that are not protected by law, like Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments.

Any local heritage asset included in the Neighbourhood Plan will become a 'material consideration' within the planning system, when any planning application is submitted to Wiltshire Council in connection with the asset. 


It does not remove any permitted development rights and therefore you will be able to carry out these works as before, without additional consent requirements over and above those already required for planning permission or Building Regulation approval. It does not change the legal status of the building and is not a Local Land Charge and will therefore not feature in any solicitors’ property searches. So - identifying a local heritage asset means that its significance as a 'non-designated' heritage asset will be taken into account where relevant by Wiltshire Council when considering a planning application.


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As noted on the previous page we will be contacting all owners of Locally Valued Heritage Assets nominees as part of this process. We will test the initial list of nominees against the Historic England criteria and if they pass the test we will then get in touch with all property owners. We also welcome and encourage you to get in touch sooner if you are an owner of a nominated building and would like to get involved in the process or require any further information. 

Please contact us by emailing to leave your details and a member of the Neighbourhood Plan working group will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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