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Wiltshire's Local Plan Review Update

Wiltshire's Local Plan consultation begins next month with in-person and online events The consultation for the Wiltshire Local Plan begins on Wednesday 27 September, with in-person events being held across the county to enable you to find out more.

The Wiltshire Local Plan sets out the vision and framework for housing, infrastructure and land for employment growth for the next 15 years across Wiltshire. Once adopted, all planning applications will be determined against the plan, making it the most important place-shaping document for Wiltshire. To find out more about the events and to sign up for the online event, visit the Local Plan webpage. What does this mean for the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan?

Revisions to the Calne Community Neighbourhood plan need to take into account the current Wiltshire Core Strategy which runs until 2026 AND the revised Local Plan which will supersede it until 2038. The policies we set need to be in line with what Wiltshire agree.

We are continuing to finalise our local neighbourhood plan based on what we know currently but will revise it if necessary based on how Wiltshire's Local Plan develops.

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