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We've reached the next stage!

Updated: Jun 21

Having reviewed all the comments, over 1000, that were received in February & March, the Steering Group have given response to them all. A good number of the comments have resulted in changes to the Policies in the plan or to the text.

 The revised plan and all the associated and supported documents can be found on the website at the following address:


A list of all the comments and the Steering Group’s response can be found via this link


What’s next?

 All the documents have been sent to Wiltshire Council (known as Regulation 15). Wiltshire Council are reviewing them and will conduct a further public consultation over the summer. We will publish the dates once known.

Once complete, an independent Planning Examiner will check the plan. There may be further changes to the plan during examination to make sure it meets the 'basic conditions'.

Following that it is likely that a referendum will be held, and if that is successful, the plan will be adopted or ‘made’ and the Calne Community Neighbourhood plan must be used by Wiltshire Council Officers, as part of the Wiltshire development plan, to decide on planning applications in our area.

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