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Next Steps...

Delivering the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan will consist of up to 7 more steps.

Step 1: Research and Informal Consultation

The first step is the work the Steering Group is doing right now: research and informal consultation. This informs how we update the plan on things like housing and green spaces we want to protect, as well as more general consultation on issues and opportunities for our area. This has included work by independent consultants to prepare the Calne Area Design Guidelines and Codes which will support our aim to increase standards of design. Step 2: Reg 14: Formal Consultation

The next step is a formal stage of consultation (called Reg 14) which must be held for 6 weeks on the whole draft Plan. It's a chance for people who live and work in Calne, as well as statutory bodies such as Wiltshire Council, to see the whole draft plan and give us feedback on it.

Step 3: Consideration

Thirdly, the comments on the draft Plan will be considered and as a result, changes and updates made as agreed by the Steering Group.

Step 4: Submission to Wiltshire Council

The fourth step is when the updated Plan is submitted to Wiltshire Council who take it through the next steps from this point onwards.

Step 5: Reg 16: Formal Consultation

The fifth step is another round of formal consultation (this one called Reg 16) on the updated Plan.

Step 6: Examination An independent examiner will review the consultation responses and the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure it meets the required 'basic conditions'. The main focus of the examination is the planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan. Changes are often proposed to ensure the Plan meets the basic conditions and passes the examination with a recommendation to proceed either to referendum* or to simply adopt (make) the updated Neighbourhood Plan.

Step 7: Referendum

*Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan may or may not go to referendum again. It will depend on whether the examiner considers it to be a 'substantial' modification from the first Plan which our community voted yes for back in 2016. Our updated Plan has new policies and may include some new designations of Local Green Space and housing designations so it is likely to need a referendum.

Our current timeline would see the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan being delivered by the end of 2024. To keep updated, join our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook.

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