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Place your pin on our community map!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We would like to hear about what you value, or need more of, or what needs protecting. Things such as community facilities, heritage assets, green spaces, play areas, great views, natural spaces etc. We can't do much about traffic in a Neighbourhood Plan, but we know it's an important issue.

During the rest of January and until Friday 11th March, we want to make sure we get to hear as many voices as possible, and we are inviting people to contribute to a community map - where we invite you to show on the map:

  • What you think is great about the Calne area (town and rural areas)

  • What you don't think is so good

  • What you think could be improve

You'll need to sign up to place your pin on the map - click here to do that. You will be able to place your own pins and see what others are saying. We're looking forward to seeing what you say!

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