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Have your say on Wiltshire's Local Plan

Public Consultation on Wiltshire's Local Plan is now open.

The Local Plan is a statutory document that all local authorities must produce to guide and inform the delivery of ‘sustainable development’. The Local Plan sets out Wiltshire Council’s strategic vision for growth, providing land to meet objectively assessed development needs, providing for infrastructure, environmental improvements and necessary mitigating and adapting measures to tackle the impacts of climate change.

The Local Plan covers the whole of Wiltshire and so our revised Neighbourhood Plan for Calne and Calne Without areas needs to take it into account and align with it.

The Wiltshire Council website has lots of information about the plan and how to get involved:

An online version of the local plan (where you can comment directly) can be found on the

Wiltshire Council website using this link: Local Plan Review 2020 - 2038 (

Public drop-in events are being held across the County and can be found here Current consultation (Reg 19) autumn 2023 events - Wiltshire Council

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