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Built Environment

The built environment topic group are focussing their efforts around the following key issues and priorities:

  1. Development should enhance build quality and design 

  2. Enrich the living experience and health and well-being of current and new residents, 

  3. Ensure the provision and retention of the community facilities that Calne and Calne Without requires to function as a high quality place to live 

  4. Enhance the appearance and historic character of the Calne and Derry Hill, Sandy Lane, Conservation Areas


The group will achieve their aims by undertaking the following projects:

  1. Working with consultants to produce a design guide for the Neighbourhood Area 

  2. Producing a "local list" to protect valued local heritage 

  3. Exploring routes to developing a conservation area appraisal and management plan. 

As work progresses the outputs from the topic group will be available for you to see here. 

  • Design Guide (link to come)

  • Locally Valued Heritage Assets Report - Local list nominations (link to come)

The topic group will be using this work to update and enhance the following Neighbourhood Plan Policies:


Policy BE2 – Design Principles for Local Distinctiveness 


Policy aims to ensure that development is of high quality and is in keeping with local character.


  • Policy in its current form is generic and needs to be made more locally specific. 

  • Topic group producing a design guidance document that can be tied into this policy to add local detail. 

  • There is also potential to tie into a design tool such as Building for a Healthy Life.

Policy BE4 – Heritage Assets


Policy aims to protect local heritage.


  • Exploring the possibility of having a specific policy for conservation areas and another for the heritage assets.

  • This policy will be updated to identify a number of unprotected buildings in the plan area that are considered to be of importance for their historic value.