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In February 2018 the communities of Calne town and the villages of Calne Without voted the first Neighbourhood Plan into force.


It gives the communities of the town and rural areas real local planning power in guiding the conservation and development of our area until 2026. The existing plan can be accessed here. 


A review of the Neighbourhood Plan will make sure it stays up-to-date, and relevant to shape and inform planning and development in our area. We are calling this CCNP2 and it will:

  • set out local priorities for how our area develops over the coming years to 2036

  • safeguard the environmental assets we value

  • enable to our community to continue to have a voice in the statutory planning system

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Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan 2018 - 2026

What CCNP 2018  helped deliver...

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Because we have a Neighbourhood

Plan, 25% of the Community

Infrastructure levy that developers

have to pay goes directly to the town and parish councils (otherwise it would only be 15%) and this money has paid for many small projects such as play equipment, additional bus shelters, defibrillators, refurbishment of community buildings etc.

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Fourteen green spaces were granted “designated green space” status – and thereby protected from development.

At least 2 areas have been saved

through this – Priestley Grove playing fields and a green space near Curzon Park – within the Marden Valley.

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While encouraging development the community supported, the CCNP 2018, although unable to stop speculative development because of a lack of house building land in Wiltshire, has

influenced and guided the

development that has taken place.

Who & How

How is the Plan Review being undertaken?

The Steering Group is the body of people appointed to manage and lead on the  Neighbourhood Plan. They are charged with overseeing and advising on the review of the Neighbourhood Plan. This is very much a community-led Plan so there are representatives from both Councils and the wider community.


The Steering Group is sponsored by, and reports to Calne Town Council and Calne Without Parish Council, as the accountable body.


The Steering Group meets on a regular basis. Minutes and agendas can be found in the Useful Documents section of this website.

During 2022, wider consultation and engagement will be taking place. As well as online events, there will be pop-up events in different places around the area, and there will also be Topic Groups. Anyone with an interest can get involved in Topic Groups, whose role will be to gather evidence to help update existing policies, and create new draft planning policies.

Who is on the Steering Group?

Calne Town (CT) Council

Alan Hill

Sam Pearce-Kearney

Calne Without (CWo) Parish Council

Sue Deedigan (also Sustainable Calne)

Keith Robbins


Members of the Public

Ed Jones

Sarah Glen

Doug Price  (also CWoP Cllr)

Celia Stevens (Sustainable Calne)

Robert MacNaughton (Friends of Marden Valley / CT Cllr)

Julie Wakeham  (CARP)

Tim Havenith (CT Cllr / Calne Heritage Centre / Calne Community Nature Reserve)
Ioan Rees (also CWoP Cllr)

James Gladding (Sustainable Calne)

John Barnes (also CWoP Cllr)

The Steering Group is supported by staff in the Town and Parish Council, and the appointed Planning Consultant - Place Studio.

Steering Group members Register of Interests

who and how
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