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We are currently preparing a new Neighbourhood Plan for the Calne Community Area which will replace the existing plan which can be accessed here. 


The updated Neighbourhood Plan will:

  • set out local priorities for how our area develops over the coming years to 2036

  • safeguard the environmental assets we value

  • enable to our community to continue to have a voice in the statutory planning system

A recent assessment of our current Plan allowed us to understand where the Plan is working as we intended, and where it needs strengthening. We know there are benefits to having a Plan in place, such as strong protection for important local green spaces, and being able to set criteria that must be used in determining planning decisions. We also know that our Plan is set within a wider system and has its limitations; recent planning appeals had led to granting of planning permission that many in our community have felt frustrated about.  There are also changes in Wiltshire and national policy, and new local issues to tackle.


This all means we need to look at our Plan and update it and strengthen it where we can in order to shape future development in Calne and Calne Without.

What will be in the update of the Neighbourhood Plan?

There will be updates to existing parts of the Neighbourhood Plan and there will be some new material to reflect things that have changed. Below we set out the chapters of the emerging updated Neighbourhood Plan. Supporting information will be added on this website as it is prepared.

  1. Climate Change and Sustainability

  2. Housing and Communities

  3. Getting Around

  4. Working and Shopping

  5. Built Environment

  6. Natural Environment

Click here to see emerging background material for the review and refresh of the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan.

Reviewing and Updating the Neighbourhood Plan 2022 / 2023

Who & How

How is the Plan Review being undertaken?

The Steering Group is the body of people appointed to manage and lead on the  Neighbourhood Plan. They are charged with overseeing and advising on the review of the Neighbourhood Plan. This is very much a community-led Plan so there are representatives from both Councils and the wider community.


The Steering Group is sponsored by, and reports to Calne Town Council and Calne Without Parish Council, as the accountable body.


The Steering Group meets on a regular basis. Minutes and agendas can be found in the Useful Documents section of this website.

During 2022, wider consultation and engagement will be taking place. As well as online events, there will be pop-up events in different places around the area, and there will also be Topic Groups. Anyone with an interest can get involved in Topic Groups, whose role will be to gather evidence to help update existing policies, and create new draft planning policies.

Who is on the Steering Group?

Calne Town (CT) Council

Alan Hill

Sam Pearce-Kearney

Glenis Ansell

Calne Without (CWo) Parish Council

Sue Deedigan (also Sustainable Calne)

Keith Robbins


Members of the Public

Ed Jones

Sarah Glen

Doug Price  (also CWoP Cllr)

Celia Stevens (Sustainable Calne)

Robert MacNaughton (Friends of Marden Valley / CT Cllr)

Julie Wakeham  (CARP)

Tim Havenith (CT Cllr / Calne Heritage Centre)
Ioan Rees (also CWoP Cllr)

James Gladding (Sustainable Calne)

The Steering Group is supported by staff in the Town and Parish Council, and the appointed Planning Consultant - Place Studio.